Posted by: jmediamaven | December 1, 2010

Simplifying Life: part 1- from simple blog to simple website

I started this blog one year ago this month.  Over the past year, I haven’t written for it as often as I would have liked.  But that’s alright because other things were happening, as is the beauty of life unfolding daily.

This December I’m undertaking teaching myself how to build my website with WordPress.  If you’ve looked at my website,, you’ll see it’s static and not very relevant to what I’m doing with social media these days.  It’s time that that changes and WordPress is the tool to affect that change.

I want to share my self-taught experience with you because it may push you to make some positive changes to your website, your business or your life.  You never know what an open mind may think.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting my WordPress website learnings here, along with snapshots on Twitter: @jmediamaven and tagged #sb2sw.

Simple is good.  Less is more.  But always dream big.


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