Posted by: jmediamaven | February 4, 2010

What’s Up With That? A light-hearted look at social media.

What’s Up With That?  A light-hearted look at social media.  (Or, an example of what my mind conjures up at 1am.)

Facebook – If you’re an avid reader, you likely have your favorite genres: biography, mystery, non-fiction.  Well, this book is like nothing you’ve ever encountered between two covers.  As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have any covers.  It exists in the cloud.  With many plots, innumerable characters and, dare I say, multiple climaxes, it takes a lot of focus to get through this baby.  Or, rather, it takes a lot of inattention to any one storyline.  This is because any given storyline can, on a whim, rocket off tangentially to another planet.  What’s up with that?  The hard truth is that there is no end to this epic book because a character always has something to say.

Twitter – Twitter is to us baby boomers as texting is to Gens X, Y (Z?) and tweens.  We “adults” place our tweeting high above the lowly texters.  What’s up with that?  If you know the history of Twitter, then you know that its foundation of 140 characters was based on the number of characters allowed in a cell phone text, 160.  So the next time you tell your son or daughter to quit texting at the dinner table, consider your own idiosyncrasies – like when you absentmindedly keep checking your smart phone to see who’s following you.  Admit it.  You’ve got a nervous tic and it’s called Twitter.

LinkedIn – As the professional networking network, I think LinkedIn takes itself a little too seriously.  Just look at the home page.  Blah.  What’s up with that?  Could it be any more vanilla?  Remember when you were a kid and you made a chain link out of construction paper?  You marveled at its simple beauty and symmetry.  I think LinkedIn should incorporate a construction paper chain link into their logo and weave it throughout the website.  We unemployed, underemployed, laid-off, fired, down-sized, folk need more fun and color in our job search/networking/connection sites.  Why do you think we’re all over Facebook and Twitter?

Blogging – This is just a very strange sounding word.  What’s up with that?  Weblog is its origin, which is also hard to say.  How about calling it what it is, writing?  There’s nothing more I can say about this one, except…

Blog Roll – I dare you to go into your corner deli or bodega and ask for a blog roll.  The server behind the counter will surely counter with “a blog roll?  What’s up with that?”


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