Posted by: jmediamaven | January 14, 2010

Let’s talk about money

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been reading a handful of blog posts about how social media is or is not about making money.  Some shun the hard sell (including me), some shove it down your throat (that doesn’t work), and some just don’t address the issue at all.

All marketing is about making money.  I believe this.  Otherwise, why would you want to hire me to help you get your face on facebook?  I help people build their business via social media.  Ergo, make money.

Social media, social networks – the important thing to remember is “social”.  Your customer has to know you, like you, trust you, respect you.  How else will they do business with you?  They won’t.  So be yourself , in your voice, in your mannerism, in your professional way.  On facebook, on Twitter, wherever you are out there.

The thing that differentiates social media from other forms of traditional marketing is the sales cycle.  Social media gives marketers the opportunity to leap the chasm from introduction to sale.  That doesn’t mean a sale happens overnight.  That rarely occurs.  However, it does mean that social media has paved the way for immediate communication and ongoing, open dialogue between the customer and you.  Who are you and the customer?  Just two people who want to arrange a mutually beneficial conclusion to a situation.  Social media smooths your arrival at the solution.


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